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About Our Embroidery Service

Embroidery is the merging of class, art, creativity, talent and branding all into one.

Long perceived as a higher end apparel decorating option, companies, organizations and teams alike opt for embroidery when they want to be recognized as having an impeccable reputation.

Corporations use embroidered apparel for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Showcase their brand and stand out from the crowd, making them easily recognizable for trade
    shows or for sales reps in the field.
  • Employee branded apparel instills a sense of pride and makes them feel they are an
    important part of the team.
  • Gifts of recognition for a job well done.
  • Company achievements such as ISO certification or 100 Days Accident Free.

Teams choose embroidered apparel for their own reasons such as:

  • Nothing better than showing up in matching embroidered jackets (and kicking the other
    team’s butt, lol)
  • Sense of belonging and pride
  • Clean, consistent look
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Why choosing embroidery can be beneficial to you

Embroidered logos are easy to wash and care for as well as being highly durable. This means your investment will be around for a long time and stay in good condition, giving the great reflection of you and your project that you deserve. With a range of colours you can easily be as eye catching or subtle as you need to be, making it a highly versatile method of branding that can be adapted to suit your needs. Unlike some methods of branding, embroidery looks finished and neat even after repeated use – helping the wearer look professional.

Who is custom embroidery for?

To answer that question in short, it’s for anyone who wants to look good! Are you thinking of creating shirts for your staff that appeal to both the wearer and help improve your public image at the same time? Or maybe you are holding a fundraiser and raising public awareness for your cause is as important in the long term as raising funds is immediately? Whatever your cause, there are few who couldn’t benefit from such a highly visible, customisable method of branding that helps the wearer stand out from the crowd.

How does machine embroidery work?

Understanding the process of what you are thinking about choosing can go a long way to making a decision and machine embroidery has a number of steps that are easy to understand even if you have never picked up so much as a sewing needle! So whether you are interested in the process of how your new designed item will be made, or just about machine embroidery in general – below is the simple 5 steps that are most usually involved.

  1. Digitizing – This may sound like a fancy word but simply put, it’s the process of taking your image and turning it into a stitch pattern! This allows the machine to accurately create for artwork
  2. Hooping – No not like in basketball! Hooping or clamping is the stage that keeps the material where is needs to be. Stabilizing the fabric allows for greater accuracy and a more professionally finished result at the end.
  3. Stitching – Now the machine will follow the pattern it was given earlier to create your design! Each needle will have a different number assigned to it and it’s own colour and will follow the digitized pattern to create exactly what it was shown. It’s come a long way from the 1800’s!
  4. Trimming – After the stitching is complete the threads are then trimmed so the item has no loose ends that can fray and deteriorate the design, helping create a more lasting product for your money.
  5. Admiring – ok we added this one because the process is really only four steps but we are confident that you will be blown away by the quality and impact of your finished product. Stitch Wizard prides itself on creating what you want and going beyond your expectations and having you impressed with your final designed item is as important to us as any other step.

Our Process

To get the process started, you simply use the REQUEST A QUOTE button, submit artwork (or a picture of what you had in mind if you don’t have artwork) and what kinds of items you would like a quote on. Give us the details as laid out in the form:

  • Type of product
  • Location of logo
  • Dimensions of the logo
  • Quantity
  • Date required

We will get back to you within 24 business hours with the answers you need.

Our Services

Unsure what you want?
Maybe colours are not your thing and you need a little advice. Can’t decide on which products would best serve your needs and budget?
Maybe you have already made a decision and you just want to see a mock up or you need someone to bring your vision to life.Either way, you have come to the right place. We are here to help!
Our 32 years in business means we can make sure that you get what you want, how you want it, when you want it.


Embroidery creates a professional look that makes a lasting impression. With our multi-head machines, we can accommodate any size order.


Digitizing is the process of converting custom supplied artwork into an embroidery format. The client submits artwork as a vector or .jpg format and we take it from there. Once the design is complete, we provide you with a proof for approval.


Any shape, any size crest can be made to your specifications. Name tags for uniform purposes, twill, chenille and felt crests are some of our specialties.


Both tackle twill and Applique involve cutting out names, numbers or parts of logos from twill or felt fabric, the difference is tackle twill is put on the garment with a zig zag sewing stitch and appliqué means the twill is put on the garment with an embroidered edge. Tackle twill is a more “sporty” or “rugged” look mostly used for sports teams.


Screen Printing is a really good option for t-shirts for your next event or a casual work environment. This is also a good solution when pantone matching or accurate colour matching is necessary. Very durable and washable.


Transfers can be a cost effective option when there are large quantities and small coverage. The advantage of using transfers is that you can get very small details and multiple colours in your image that print as clear as ink on paper without the set up charges of screen printing. Matching of pantones is easily done and the finished product is very durable and washable.


Letters, numbers and simple designs that are cut in house and then heat pressed on garments with the look of screen printing without the screen set up charges. These also are very durable and washable. Available in many colours but not the best option when exact colour matching is necessary.


We have partnered with some of the most recognizable names in the industry to ensure your brand has a professional look at a competitive price. Some of the brands we offer are Oakley, Roots 73, Ogio, Nike and Puma.


Now that we have you and your staff looking good, we also have all sorts of promo items to help you get your message out there, and who doesn’t love a giveaway? Some of our items include (but not limited to), pens, mugs, lanyards, umbrellas, golf bags, license plate covers, portfolios, computer bags, knapsacks and athletic bags. Most can be printed with your logo.

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